Living Together Apart

Sometimes it still feels as if I were a different species from a different planet.


Maybe because I am living in a small town in Germany and this is not where I was born. Whereas I even felt like this in my family of origin; or maybe in my family alltogether. And its all because of my easy and difficult ideas…

I believe God is love. I believe we came from love, we are love and we will go back to love. This is my religion and it is very easy. I also believe we can share love with anybody, without restrictions. I believe we live in integrity if we live what we believe and respect our inner values and ideas. I believe I can love a partner without having to live his life. I believe I can love more than one partner without having to restrict myself to one love only. I believe I do not have to love only one person for my whole life to be loved by god. I love my parents and I let them go and live their life. I love my children and I let them go and live their life. I want to do this with everone I love, I want them to live their life… and when we meet, we meet in love. It is unbelievable how difficult it is to understand something so easy =)


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